How to High Point

This is my 13th maket in a row. Take it from this veteran, you canNOT see it all. It’s like the Vegas strip for design. You’ll get a system worked out. Until then, here are my tips …

Decide why you are going.

1) For the people you are already doing business for or …

2) To discover new designers and trends.

Probably both. I go for both but primarily numero uno. I make a point to visit the showrooms of those I do business with. I want to see what’s new. And it’s a great way to see all the furniture; to touch and feel things. Plus, you can’t have it all on your showroom floor. It’s how you get smart with the lines so you can best guide your customer when they come in with an idea. It’s also a great way to build meaningful relationships with the manufacturers.

Trendspotting? You can spend all of market window-shopping for trends – ‘in’ colors, great wood finishes and the next haute style. You really can just wander without a plan. In fact, it’s a great treasure hunting experience to discover a great new product you never heard of for your clients or showroom.

Find your anchors. Make a list of your current vendors and where they are located. Calendar your appointments with them and pop-in. Then, build in hours to explore and do a little trendspotting.  Keep an open mind and just let things happen.  But the more you go, the better you’ll be.  And by your 13th Market, you’ll be positively fierce!

More than anything, Market gets you fired up; it re-inspires and energizes you; sometimes we can get caught up in the business and it’s good to remember why we got into the interior design business – it’s our passion.

Are you at Market this year? What showrooms do you always hit. Any treasure hunting experiences? 


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