Now Trending: Uber-Personalized

I attended High Point Market in April and then hosted Vanguard President, Andy Bray, recently in the showroom to aquaint ourselves with all of the new offerings from our nation’s top furniture manufacturers. There is no doubt that uber-personalization is a big trend of 2013. Consumers and interior designers have so many more options than just ‘fully custom’ and ‘off-the-rack.’  I wanted to highlight three of my favorite trends with these designers.

TREND ONE: Vanguard has introduced some great new extreme personalized finishes that I’m really excited about …

Vanguard Make It Yours Paint Finishes

First, they have expanded their ‘Make It Yours‘ Paint option [any case good can be any Sherwin Williams’ paint color]. Now they can do almost anything you can imagine with textured paint finishes; two-tones, ombre, weathering. The options are almost endless.

Also, from the their “Make It Yours” line, they’ve introduced a ton of metal finishes …

Vanguard Make It Yours Metal Finishes

And finally, I might be most excited about the new Vanguard “Make It Yours” Mirror & Painted Glass Finishes …

Vanguard Make It Your Mirror Finishes

Painted glass at High Point Market

TREND TWO: It’s not a faux-pas anymore. The faux leather market has come a long way both in quality and fashion. Not only can the price-point be friendlier than leather but performance and longevity of the pieces has greatly increased. Both Lee Furnishings and Vanguard Furniture are offering faux leather options now.

TREND THREE: Personalized Stitching: it’s not just thread color, although you can surely find lots of great options for your own look with just that. Now, designers like Lee are getting really creative with their stitching offering zig zag stitching and more. …

Furniture Lee Offering Personalized Stitching

If you are looking for the latest trends in your home or want to know more, stop by the showroom! We can help you navigate the waters of furniture design … no matter what you’re looking for.

James Craig Furnishings is a unique lifestyle design center with fashion-forward upscale home furnishings in Houston where you get to design what YOU want! Visit our showroom on Washington Avenue or online at


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