Why High Point

Even though it’s been a few weeks since our owner James Keathley returned from the latest High Point Market, the excitement over seeing new pieces from the collections and learning from the other fabulous designers and our colleagues hasn’t worn off.

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, you’ve already seen some of our favorite items from the market.  However, we thought we’d take a minute to talk about WHY we make sure we are in North Carolina twice a year for this event.We love bringing quality, fashion-forward pieces to our clients and there’s no better way to experience what’s fresh for the season – and still timeless design – than walking the showrooms at High Point Market.  Touching fabric, feeling finishes and settling into seating are key as we gauge the quality of pieces we’ll soon be helping clients choose from.  It’s also our chance to see the newest offerings from our favorite lines and soak in the new designs, styles, colors, textures and more.  For example, check out some of the new designs Lee Industries is offering this season.

IMG_0805Another reason we make it a point to be at High Point is for the relationships.  Not only are we inspired by the many talented designers we meet, but being at market means building strong relationships with the lines we work with.  Yes, sometimes that means rubbing elbows with design stars like Thom Filicia and Michael Weiss.  But it also means strengthening our relationships with the very vendors who make sure custom orders that come from James Craig Furnishings are treated with the utmost care.  That makes our life easier, and it lays the foundation for the great customer service we pride ourselves on in our Houston showroom.

Finally, we love, love, love to learn – and High Point is the best looking classroom in the nation.  Yes, we have the chance to attend business development seminars (great for giving our customers what they want) but we also take a sneak peek into 2014 interior trends, follow the fave picks of HPMkt’s official Style Spotters and gain technical know-how about fabrics and upholstery.

If you are in the furnishing or interior design industry and have never “been to market” mark your calendar for April and plan to join us.  If you have been, what keeps you going back? (Tell us in the comments!) And, if you’re just looking for inspiration, be sure to check out our #HPMkt Pinterest board.


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