Sweet Dreams: How to Impress Your Guests with a Gracious Bed Room

With the holidays upon us, we at James Craig Furnishings have been thinking about how to make our homes guest ready.  In addition to creating a swoon-worthy dining room (tables, chairs and more) and a lush living room, a gracious guest room is a must for any holiday host or hostess.

Of course, the headboard takes center stage in any bedroom, often defining the style of the space.  We recommend starting with an inviting bed as you pull together the perfect guest retreat.  Whether your look is more European farmhouse or mid-century modern, visit our Washington Avenue showroom and we can help you find the right headboard to set the tone for your guest room.  Here are just a few of our favorites from Vanguard Furniture and Stanley Furniture to get your creativity flowing. 


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Bedside Manners

Don’t forget that, for guests, the bed room isn’t just about sleeping.  It’s their special get away where they can get a little privacy – and leave you, the always gracious host, with a few minutes of peace.  Make sure that your guest room has bed-side tables with all the necessary accouterments for a pleasant stay. (Tip: if you can’t fit two nightstands, sub one with an occasional chair with a tray atop. You can always borrow the chair for additional seating in a pinch.)  Think alarm clock, bottle of water, a bowl to corral earrings and watches, and a stash of local magazines. (Pick up favorites like Houston Magazine, 002, Luxe and PaperCity.)

Of course, ample reading light is a must in any guest room.  If yours is currently stuck with leftover dim lamps from other projects or (even worse) just a depressing overhead light, it’s time to upgrade.  If you don’t have space for a lamp on the side table, consider a wall-mounted sconce.  Here are a few lighting choices from Arteriors and Robert Abbey to consider.

Michael Weiss for Vanguard Chair

If you have space, try to carve out a corner of the guest room for lounging and reading.  A plush chair or even small settee makes a huge difference in a guest room.  If you don’t have room for a chair and ottoman (the optimal choice), remember that even a small sitting space will work.

There are also some little touches that go a long way in making sure visitors are cozy and comfortable.  For one thing, be sure to have ample blankets available and, if the weather is really chilly – at least by Houston standards – throw an extra quilt on the bed.  Secondly, don’t forget to set out a bouquet of fresh flowers.  Even a single stem in a bud vase lets guests know how welcome they are.  Throw in a bench for their suitcase and some extra hangers in the closet and you might not be able to get those lovely houseguests to end their visit!

Upholstered Bench

Bonus: don’t forget the guest bath room.  Often an afterthought, the hall bathroom is just as important in ensuring a comfortable stay for your visitors.  A few quick tips:

  • Be sure the guest bath is awash in flattering lighting.  Chose a style of scone that matches your style and flank the mirror and consider a small table lamp if the vanity size permits.
  • Easily upgrade your plumbing fixtures with the addition of a hand-held shower head. Your valued visitors will fill pampered.
  • Lush bath towels are a must.  Be sure there are at least two for each overnight caller as well as plenty of wash clothes and hand towels.
  • If your guest room doesn’t have space for a full length mirror, tuck one into the bathroom.  Everyone wants to check their outfit before walking out.
  • Add a double hook (or two single ones) for your guests’ convince.  No wall space? The back of the bathroom door is a perfect spot for these.  For an extra perk, indulge your guests with a set of quality robes.  It’s the icing on the cake that will make their stay feel like time at a top resort.






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