Outdoor Rooms – Everything You Need to Know About Patio Furniture Part 2

This month we are dreaming of warmer days and helping you get your favorite outdoor space ready for Spring Break. (Yes, it will be here before you know it.)  We’ve already shared some of our favorite fully upholstered and powder-coated aluminum outdoor pieces.  Now it’s time to take a look at three more materials to help you achieve the perfect look for your space: wicker, teak and faux wood.

Wicker for Contemporary or Traditional Spaces

Sunset West Coronado Large Dining Table and Chairs

Sunset West Coronado Large Dining Table and Chairs

Today’s patio furniture uses synthetic woven materials that replicate the look of traditional wicker furniture.  It’s easy to picture these long-lasting pieces in front of an outdoor fireplace or as part of a chic dining set.  With a variety of styles to choose from it’s easy to match woven furniture to your style.

We’re fans of many of the Sunset West designs, especially pieces from the Coronado line, pictured above.  We’re not the online ones: Astro’s favorite Jeff Bagwell and his stylish wife Ericka, chose Coronado lounge furniture for their back yard.

Sunset West Coronado outdoor lounge furniture at the home of Jeff Bagwell.

While the Coronado pieces exude a contemporary take on outdoor dining and lounging – just look at those cool, modern feet – the Huntington is a unique take on transitional furniture.  We love the soft, curved lines and deep, comfy seating almost as much as we love the striated resin used in the woven frames. It draws it’s inspiration from the laid-back California coast and the balsa wood from which surfboards were originally constructed. Hang ten!

Sunset West Huntington Collection

Sunset West Huntington Collection

Knock on Wood – Aging Gracefully with Teak

Kingsley-Bate Algarve collection table and chairs are produced with sustainably harvested teak from Indonesia.

Historically teak has been considered the gold standard for outdoor furniture thanks to its extreme durability, even in the harshest of weather conditions. While today’s synthetic materials are incredibly resilient, there’s still something special about passing a teak piece onto your children and grandchildren.

Kingsley-Bate’s teak pieces are our favorite thanks to their elegant designs, precise mortise and tenon joinery and their sustainable practices. Kingsley-Bate was the first American company to use Javanese teak with is harvested from carefully controlled plantations in Indonesia.

Kingsley-Bate party bar and high stools are a great addition to your outdoor space

Caring for teak is easy. The simplest option is to allow the wood to age naturally.  Untreated, teak will patina over time, turning a silvery grey color.  This is a cosmetic process only; the frames remain as strong as ever.

However, if you prefer, teak sealer can preserve the natural honey color of the wood.  It contains a UV protectant to keep the sun from graying the furniture and, typically, a fungicide.  Make sure furniture is clean and dry before applying.  Spray on the sealer, rub in with a rag, being sure to cover all surfaces, including in between slats.  You’ll need two coats and be sure to protect nearby surfaces as the sealer will stain.  After the initial application, clean furniture and reapply one coat each year.

Traditional Design. Modern Materials.

The classic stylings of the Seaside Casual Adirondack chair are updated thanks to construction from durable envirowood.

The classic stylings of the Seaside Casual Adirondack chair are updated thanks to construction from durable envirowood.

The Seaside Casual SYM collection brings simple, youthful, modern pieces in durable envirowood.

The Seaside Casual SYM collection brings simple, youthful, modern pieces in durable envirowood.

For the look of wood with and an easy, East coast feel consider Seaside Casual, one of our best sellers.  For nearly 15 years, Seaside Casual has been producing high-quality, all-weather outdoor furniture from “envirowood.” Made in the United States, envirowood is 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber created from recycled plastic bottles and containers.  It’s permeated with UV stabilized pigments that result in a smoother more durable finish that prevents chalking and resists fading.

Seaside Casual marries this material and their top-notch construction with designs that scream out for a home at the beach. In addition to traditional pieces, they also recently introduced the SYM collection.  Pictured at right, SYM stands for “simple, youthful. modern” – a perfect description of the bold new line.

We want to help you be ready for warm weather with coastal living looks for the indoors and outdoors.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated with the top ideas for your home – or vacation home.


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