Bring the Outdoors Inside: Performance Fabrics Endure

This month we are dreaming of warmer days and getting ready for them with a series on how to prepare your coastal home for the spring season.  One of our top tips for putting together an interior that endures is to use outdoor and performance fabrics inside.

Lee Industries dining chairs slipcovered in Sunbrella fabrics as featured in Traditional Home magazine.

For example, Sunbrella offers some of the world’s most durable fabrics. And, while many were originally designed for outdoor use, they are a great choice for indoor upholstery as well, especially at the beach or lake house.  Performance fabrics give increased durability and quality and are super easy to clean.  

And today’s performance fabrics come in a huge variety of colors and patterns.  Many top fabric manufacturers not only have their own fashion-forward offerings, but are partnering with top-designers to deliver chic patterns perfect for the coastal home.

And, because all of James Craig Furnishings’ lines can be fitted with the fabric of your choice, its easy to customize a living room that’s durable, beautiful and comfortable.  (Yes, outdoor fabrics are now much softer than they use to be.)

Machine washable slip covers in Sunbrella Posh Parchment adorn dining chairs and banquet from Lee Industries

Here are a few of our favorite performance fabric choices for the coastal home from Sunbrella, Robert Allen, Kravet, Crypton and Schumacher. All of these options are designed to hold up to damp swimsuits, sandy feet and spilled drinks, making them perfect for your beach house living room, lake house den or any other place where the furniture takes a beating!

Keep it Clean!

Performance fabrics are much like regular trips to the physician: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Basically, a little maintenance as needed means you can delay – or completely eliminate the need for – vigorous cleanings later.  And light maintenance cleaning is easy:

  • brush off any loose dirt (to keep it from being ground into the fabric)
  • mix 1/4 cup of mild soap like Woolite into a gallon of lukewarm water
  • use a sponge or soft bristle brush to clean
  • allow cleaning solution to soak into fabric
  • rinse throughly to remove all soap reside
  • allow fabric to air dry

Ta da! Clean upholstery! But if your cushions or slipcover need a little more attention – uh oh, spilled wine! – keep this Sunbrella Upholstery care and cleaning guide handy. It’s got all the how to you need for spot cleaning, heavy stains and more.


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