Sweet Bamboo Dreams


Pssssst … we have a secret.

You, no doubt, know about the amazing hand-crafted, personalized furniture from the world’s best craftsmen we carry to deck your halls, but did you know we also carry one of the best kept secrets in bedding? Bamboo bedding by Home Source! And it feels like silk.

The back story: Bamboo fiber is the latest textile cotton alternative. The fiber is made by taking bamboo stalks and grinding it to a wood pulp. The pulp is then converted to a thick liquid called “slurry,” and pushed through tiny holes to make continuous strands of fiber. The weaving of bamboo yarn took considerable time to learn to do correctly. Bamboo, like all wood fiber, will shrink twice as much as cotton fibers if not properly processed. Home Source is the first company to make 100% bamboo sheets and they spent almost two years developing them. The 250 thread count to allows enough warmth without getting too hot. While it’s true that higher count cotton sheets require better quality cotton fiber [longer and finer], but  the higher the count, the hotter the sheet. Over 400 thread counts can feel like wrapping yourself in plastic.

Color? We got your color right here. The dyes Home Source uses for it’s bamboo sheets are Azo-free – completely environmentally friendly. In fact, the entire manufacturing process on these sheets is eco-friendly. Home Source Bamboo Sheets come in a variety of colors The 411 on bamboo:

Bamboo is basically a weed that grows readily and rapidly in many parts of the world.  It required significantly less effort to grow than cotton. [Non-organic cotton requires about one pound of chemicals to produce one pound of fiber.]

Bamboo is exceptionally strong and has superior wicking and ventilation qualities compared to cotton [read: it keeps you cool & comfortable when sleeping]

There is no such thing as organic bamboo but it does not require chemicals to grow.

The rare types of bamboo that Pandas eat are not used. [That only grows in a small area of China.]

Bamboo naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria. They are roughly 25 times more effective at killing bacteria than fabrics treated with chemicals to kill bacteria.

Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton due to its high cellulose content.

Because bamboo grows so readily in all types of soil conditions – and so rapidly – it’s a great, high quality alternative to cotton.  Not to mention the easy care.  Simply put – they’ll be your favorite sheets. Stop by the showroom today and order yours. You’ll be on your way to sweet dreams shortly. More info on furniture and other lines we carry at www.jamescraigfurnishings.com

James Craig Furnishings is a unique lifestyle design center with fashion-forward, upscale home furnishings in Houston where you get to design what YOU want! Our showroom is located in the exciting Washington Ave corridor of inner Houston and is absolutely gorgeous! Stop by 4500 Washington Ave and start designing your life.

James Craig Furnishings is a fashion-forward design center located at 4500 Washington Ave

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